Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Task to Tackle Tuesday 4: Hat Attack

T2TT:  Baseball Cap Clutter
Location:  Hall Closet
Time: 7 minutes (includes gathering supplies)

 While tackling my coat closet clutter 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my husband had an absurd amount of baseball caps and visors strewn about.  When I saw this post on Pinterest last week I thought "I have both of those things...That is the task I will tackle next week!"  It was so simple and makes a huge difference.
1.  Find or purchase 1 hanger and 1 set of shower curtain hooks.  (The demo website used a wooden hanger and clear shower hooks.  I had white around the house so that's what I used.)
2.  Attach hooks to bottom of hanger and hats to hooks.  I found if I lined up all the hats on the bed and then attached the hooks the seemed to hang a bit better.
There may be a bit of shifting but it is definitely better than a pile.  I hung it in the back of the coat closet rather than with the coats to help prevent the hats from getting smashed.

A note on why my Task to Tackle Tuesday is coming to you on Wednesday...Even the best laid plans made by a professional organizer have to have some wiggle room.  So when your husband comes home and wants to take you to see your favorite movie of all time (Hitchcock's North by Northwest) on the big screen, you say yes.  Even if you haven't finished editing the pictures for your blog post.  :)

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