Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tasks To Tackle Tuesday 1: Hidden Basket

Even as a professional organizer there are tasks around the house that fall by the wayside.  Closets that become disorganized, corner that get forgotten or projects you mean to get to but just don't seem to find the time for.  I have all of these.  So I am starting "Tasks to Tackle Tuesday" here at The Organized Mama.  Each Tuesday, depending on my time constraints (and perhaps energy level) I will delve into one of these projects, both big and small, that I have been avoiding.
If you have projects you need motivating to finish (or start), join me on my journey.  Follow me on Twitter @organize_mama and use the hashtag #T2TT to talk about your Task To Tackle Tuesday or join my The Organized Mama Facebook community where we can post and shares pictures about completing our tasks.

So here we go with Installment #1

T2TT:  Hidden Basket
Location:  Living Room
Time:  24 minutes 

When Q started motoring about we lost our coffee table.  This basket used to live under that coffee table and became sort of a catch all for magazines, remotes, burnt out candles, etc.  When we removed the coffee table, this basket found its way into the corner of our living room where it has made its home for about 3 months now.  Untouched, I might add.  Until today.  
I sorted the items inside which included about $3 in change, the wrapping from a baby shower favor gift (that I attended nearly 2 years ago), a pair of scissors I have been searching for and 3 pairs of fingernail clippers (so that is where fingernail clippers go when we can't find them.)

After sorting, purging and cleaning out the basket I was ready to re-purpose it.  I filled it with the larger toys that don't seem to fit in our current toy cabinet.  Q loves to play with these things so I want them to remain accessible but I did want to contain them better.  I moved the basket out of the corner and placed it nearer the cabinet when we keep Q's toys.  Viola!  My first TTTT task complete!  Join me next week and together we can tackle those tasks you've been trying to complete!

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