Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Task to Tackle Tuesday 3: Office Overflow

T2TT:  Office Overflow
Location:  Basement
Time:  50 minutes (so far)

I knew when Q was born the day would eventually come when I would need to give up my office.  Frankly, with both sets of parents living out of town and wanting to come visit and babysit for free, I WANT to give up my office as a guest bedroom.  We made this move over the summer.  Along with losing the room, I also lost a bookshelf which we moved to Q's room for toy storage.  While I was able to house a majority of the office items in their previous home, I did have a slew of leftover items that needed new homes.  And so this brings me to today's T2TT.

I started with my regular process of sorting and purging.  But the process took me a bit longer than I estimated it would.  Actually a lot longer.  My goal was to completely clear the table and what was underneath.  But as you can see from the "After-ish" photo, that did not happen.  Probably due to a combination of needing more storage space and a child with a shortened nap.

This inability to complete the task brings up a great point that I stress to my organizing clients.  It's OK if you don't completely finish a task your first time out.  Is it ideal? Of course.  Is it always possible? No.  And as you can see from the picture, I am a little better off than I was before.  I have a good idea of how long I need to finish the remaining task (about another 50 minutes).  Some organized is better than none organized.  Right?

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