Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Making Baby Food Improved My Own Diet

When I am helping clients clear out their kitchens, their cupboards and pantries are often filled with shelf stable food items liked mac and cheese, canned beans, and breakfast cereal.  Sometimes the items are expired, sometimes they admit they only stocked up because the items were on sale.  Many times we end up discovering that no one in the home really even likes a good bit of the food that has been stockpiled.  
Now what does this have to do with making baby food and fresh veggies you ask?  Well, I too am a recovering food over-buyer.  I would buy 2-3 cans or boxes of something to have around "just in case" but it would usually just end up taking over cupboard space in my small kitchen.  When my 7 month old started eating solid foods, I decided it would be fun (and cheaper) to make my own purees to feed him.  I started with some basics like apples, pears and sweet potatoes.  The nice thing was I only needed a couple items to make several servings of food.  The remaining fruit and veggies were there for us to enjoy.  I found myself eating more apples when I needed a snack or baking sweet potatoes as a side dish in order to use up the fresh produce before it would go bad.  The positive side effects of buying more fresh food are A) we are eating more of what we purchase immediately and B) we are finding ways to eat more healthy foods.  Our cupboards are less full and so are our waistlines.

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