Sunday, March 25, 2012

Add some BLIS to Your Family's Organization

BLIS is a mom created, web based program to help you keep track of all your families' important and not so important details.  Here's a great example of how this application would work in real life...let's say your son falls, cuts his leg on a nail while playing outside and he is going to need stitches.  On the way to the emergency room, you realize you don't know if his tetanus vaccine is up to date, you have an appointment at the eye doctor this afternoon AND there is some bill that is due today but you can't remember which one.  But you did manage to grab your iPad while rushing out the door.  Ah ha!  BLIS to the rescue.  You can access all your families' medical history and records, look up your eye doctor's number (because you never saved it in your phone) and check the calendar to figure out which bills were due today.  You can even save websites to make it easier to directly link to your accounts. And hey, since emergency room waiting rooms move about as fast as molasses on a cold day, you can even use the menu planning section of the site to plan your next week of meals and generate a shopping list to make the stop at the store on the way home easier.  And boom goes the dynamite!
BLIS is available for around $10 a month (based on the yearly subscription price.)  For more information, click on the logo above or visit their website at  Here is a sample of how you can organize your home with BLIS:

  • Full Calendar with Day, Week & Month Views
  • Email Reminders
  • Create, Edit & Save To Do Lists
  • Plan & Save Vacation & Party Details
  • Menu Planning, Grocery Lists, & an Electronic Recipe Box
  • Organize Household Contact & Emergency Information
  • Record Home Inventory Room By Room, Maintain Household Appliance Records & Home Repair Information
  • Organize Account Records, Medical Records & Medical Histories
  • Child Care Worksheets
  • Multi-User Friendly & Remote Access

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  1. Good example, Christy. Medical history and records are more than just mere papers. Patients have right for their medical records to be treated like a delicate flower - not a mushroom. Their medical history is important when it comes to diagnosing a present medical condition, and to prevent future conditions, based on their history. :)

    James Guertin