Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keep & File Your Reciepts

As a new mom, I must admit that the last thing I was thinking about after my baby shower was organizing my instruction booklets, sending in my warranty cards and finding my sales receipts.  But alas, this lack of attention has come back to bite me this last week.  I have had two issues with different products/gifts in the last two weeks and two vastly different experiences.  
Since I have worked in customer service since I started my first job, I am incredibly conscious of companies customer service policies.  The first company I dealt with was Brica, maker of several baby & child safety products.  A simple email led to a replacement product within one week.  Amazing!  I will search their products first for items my children may need.  The second was Motorola, maker of my baby monitor.  After I emailed because the product was not operating properly, I was told to first turn the monitor off and remove the battery for 10-15 minutes.  If that didn't work, they could open an issue if I had my original receipt as proof of purchase. Otherwise there was pretty much nothing they could do to replace or repair my product, even though the product was a gift.  
What does this have to do with organizing?  I have learned my lesson to staple any receipt or proof of purchase to my product instructions and file them away immediately.  For more expensive items I receive as a gift (such as monitors, furniture, car seats, etc) I will make sure that I ask for a copy of the original receipt and make it a priority to send in the warranty information.  And while decorating the nursery may seem like way more fun before baby comes, I certainly wish I had taken a few minutes to file away this information when it was fresh in my mind.  

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