Monday, October 17, 2011

Daddy Action Plan Part 1: Crying

I got a bit of a shock today when I went to check the schedule at my part time gig...I start back on Monday not Friday as I had thought.  Now the 5 day difference doesn't seem like that much but, to be perfectly honest, we haven't spent a whole lot of time nurturing Dad's role when Mom goes back to work.  I have enjoyed being the caregiver 99% of the time and Dad was happy to let me.  But now I need to surrender some of my Mommy time to give Dad a chance spread his wings and have confidence in caring for our little guy.  First obstacle to tackle, what to do when baby is crying?  Here are my steps for Dad:

  1. Change the Diaper
  2. Swaddle
  3. Feed
  4. Rock/Sway
Hopefully by step 4 our little guy is asleep.  Hopefully.  This always seems to work for me, let's hope it works for Dad too.

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