Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brica Fold n' Go Travel Bassinet

A complaint that I often hear from my organizing clients that are moms is that there is just too much "stuff" associated with the kids.  And since we were becoming parents a little later than most of our friends, we were frequently given the advice "good luck trying to keep your house from becoming over-run with baby stuff."  So I really tried to search out products that were functional and storable.  After all the #1 rule in organizing is make sure every item has a home.  If the living room floor is where you store your child's things because there is no other place for them then your house may start to feel a little like a day care.  And if that is what you like, that is totally cool.  It's just many of my clients call me because that is NOT the home decorating look they were going for.
I stumbled across this item when I was looking for an alternative to the traditional Pack n' Play.  I often heard from friends that the Pack n' Play in theory was a great item but that it often just turned into an overpriced changing table in their family room.  I wanted something my son could nap in or lie in when my arms were tired but that could easily be stored when we wanted to restore the room to a more adult feel.  It's lightweight (about 3lbs.), collapsible and could even fit in a suitcase if I wanted to travel with it.  All for about a third of the price of most Pack n' Play models.  It's available at several stores including Babies R' Us and Buy Buy Baby as well as from online retailers such as  For more information, click the picture above or visit

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