Friday, October 14, 2011

And So It Begins...

This site is still a bit under construction but that seems to be par for the course right now.  Lots of half done projects lying around the house.  But how can I resist spending extra time smooching on those chubby baby cheeks.  After all, I only have two more weeks until I rejoin the working world and I want to spend every second I can snuggling up on the little guy.  The only reason I'm not snuggling right now is because he is asleep.  Taking what was supposed to be his nap between 1p and 2p.  It is now 5p.  I'm gonna have to get better at this whole sleep schedule thing.  I'm gonna have to get better at a whole lot more schedule things while working this mommyhood into my daily routine.  Bill schedule.  Doctor schedule.  Nap schedule.  Cloth Diaper cleaning schedule.  And to think I used to just keep all this in my head and do just fine.  

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